Together with you, the parent(s), we first discuss the worries you have concerning the development of your child. During the intake consultation we will together with you determine the nature of the problems, we will then make a first analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your child and consider what sort of help we can provide. In most cases we will also request information about your child from the school, in agreement with you.


We recommend that we also carry out tests on your child. Those tests examine intelligence, skills used in practical tasks, personality or learning skills. It is possible that we offer a coaching action plan prior to or following the tests. Treatment can also be offered, for example, in case of learning difficulties.


For teenagers who feel unhappy or experience study and concentration problems, we can offer a period of counselling.


Following the evaluation interview you will receive a report which includes all the results and recommendations. If necessary, we will refer your child to a child psychiatrist or pediatricia