We have chosen not to enter into any contracts with the various councils. This means that you will be charged directly for the care we offer your child. We guarantee optimal care, with plenty of attention for your child, flexibility, thorough examinations and assessments, comprehensive and lucid reports, short waiting times and professional confidentiality. We look for proper and tailor-made solutions to the problems your child faces.

Our fee is € 140,- per hour. This includes costs for examinations, reports,  interview(s) with the school, consultations and administration.

    • Full psycho-educational assessment dyslexia, dyscalculia   € 1050
    • Re-assessments dyslexia  € 700
    • Re-assessments AD(H)D € 800
    • Intelligence test   € 600
    • Full psychological and neuro-psychological assessment concerning e.g. AD(H)D   € 1150